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Qualitative depth interviews
One on one interviews with consumers which ask explicit questions, use projective techniques and gain feedback on stimuli, to uncover the respondents' thoughts and feelings on a subject.
Kitchen sessions
Focus groups of 6-7 consumers are held in a test kitchen to expose respondents to product ideas to help clients optimise their menu or offer.
Food preference testing
A quantitative central location test asks respondents to taste food products to optimise a recipe or state a preference for a particular product.
Intercept research
A qualitative or quantitative technique intercepts consumers at the point of purchase to elicit their thoughts about an experience.
Usage & attitude study
Involves research to understand a market and identify growth opportunities by answering questions on whom to target, with what and how.
Brand tracking
Brand tracking continuously measures your brand's health, analysing how your consumers buy and use your products and their thoughts and feelings about the brand itself.
Problem detection study
A quantitative study compares attitudes towards your brand of those using it as often and those who are consciously lapsing from the brand to detect the problems you may have with your proposition.
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