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We are very passionate about being the consumer's voice and providing deep knowledge to enable brands to optimise their customer experience. We often partner with Cowry Consulting to apply Behavioural Economics to the client challenge to offer interventions and outcomes as well as deep consumer insight.

New market entry has become a specialism for Truth be Gold. We have worked alongside clients who have taken a range of brands into new markets and given them the insight to optimise their brand positioning, product range and communication.

We love playing in the innovation space, and we have developed a range of proven protocols that can take your product from concept to launch. In addition, we believe the early stages of the innovation process are the most critical. Therefore, we have also developed a range of tools that ensure your innovation strategy is grounded in consumer insight prior to ideation.

Minor details can significantly impact how consumers react to the messages you give them. Therefore, we have developed a range of protocols to understand deeply the impact and insights your communications have on your customers.

We apply various tools to understand your brand and how consumers perceive it, from long term tracking to a deep dive into the psychological constructs that apply to your brand and your competitors. As a result, we can give you deep insight into how you can optimise your brand positioning.

Qualitative depth interviews
One on one interviews with consumers which ask explicit questions, use projective techniques and gain feedback on stimuli, to uncover the respondents' thoughts and feelings on a subject.
Kitchen sessions
Focus groups of 6-7 consumers are held in a test kitchen to expose respondents to product ideas to help clients optimise their menu or offer.
Food preference testing
A quantitative central location test asks respondents to taste food products to optimise a recipe or state a preference for a particular product.
Intercept research
A qualitative or quantitative technique intercepts consumers at the point of purchase to elicit their thoughts about an experience.
Usage & attitude study
Involves research to understand a market and identify growth opportunities by answering questions on whom to target, with what and how.
Brand tracking
Brand tracking continuously measures your brand's health, analysing how your consumers buy and use your products and their thoughts and feelings about the brand itself.
Problem detection study
A quantitative study compares attitudes towards your brand of those using it as often and those who are consciously lapsing from the brand to detect the problems you may have with your proposition.
Electroencephalogram (eeg)
Records direct and immediate electrical activity generated as a result of neurons firing.
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri)
It works by detecting the changes in blood oxygenation and flow that occur in response to neural activity – when a brain area is more active, it consumes more oxygen and to meet this increased demand, blood flow increases to the active region of the brain.
The observation and recording of eye behaviour such as pupil dilation and movement. It has applications in many areas and can be used to assess lots of different types of static and moving stimuli.
Visual saliency (pop-out testing)
We use an eye-tracking algorithm to analyse various types of static stimuli to optimise its design.
Galvanic skin response (gsr)
Refers to changes in sweat gland activity that reflect the intensity of our emotional state, otherwise known as emotional arousal.
Implicit response testing

An online testing technique that uncovers feelings, associations, and attitudes without the inherent noise and bias in asking people to fill in questionnaires. The testing is 'indirect' - we aren't directly asking people to rate things on a scale.

One of the most versatile tools in our toolkit, it can help clients to understand; brand mapping & tracking, concept test ideas, proposition development, claims and messages, shelf layouts, product testing, POS & packaging, pricing promotions, advertising & communications, experiential elements and brand identity.

Mental metaphor interviews
Depth interviews elicit the deep metaphors that motivate and drive us at the deepest level of our subconscious mind. It is an excellent way of getting a fundamental understanding of customers' perceptions of your brand, experience, communication, and what drives their decision-making.
A very innovative technique that uses memory as a proxy for what people find important. This approach has proved very useful when trying to prioritise what to change about an experience when there are many options that you could choose.
Behavioural missions
An implicit and explicit technique helps us understand a customer experience using a mobile platform that captures their thoughts and photographs an experience.
Ethnographic research is a qualitative method where researchers observe and/or interact with a study's participants in their real-life environment.
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