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Give your business a competitive advantage by leveraging our extensive behavioural research experience, providing deep insight into your customers.
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Pioneering Research Techniques

Tap into the mind of your customers

Truth be Gold uses the most pioneering research techniques that delve into the subconscious mind to give us the most profound insight into human behaviour. For example, we know that most decisions occur in our subconscious. So we have developed proven ways to elicit this information that can't always be accessed using traditional research.

We combine this deep insight about your customer's behaviour with strategic thinking and our extensive experience. As a result, we empower you with the clarity to make informed, research-based decisions to give your business a competitive advantage.


  • “Our five-year partnership with Truth be Gold has enabled both businesses to pioneer the use of Implicit Response testing for our clients. In addition, Emma has specifically helped us develop our relationships with our food & beverage and retail clients and has added significant value to the outcomes of those projects.”

    - President, Cloud Army
  • “Truth be Gold conducted the pre-launch research for our brand before entering the UK. All we discovered was confirmed when we opened the restaurant, which gave us a great knowledge base and confidence to build the brand.”

    - CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, UK
  • “Truth Be Gold and Cowry have collaborated to create a truly innovative research approach that is rooted in behavioural science principles. The behavioural insights have led to the creative and practical design of interventions that truly change behaviour in the real world.”

    - Jez Groom, Founder & CEO, Cowry Consulting
  • “We partnered with Emma at Truth be Gold on a ground-breaking research study that was a first in the industry both in the techniques used and the insights it elicited. It provided the basis for the brand’s calendar and promotional strategy to specific customer groups."  

    - Global CMO, Restaurant Industry
  • "Truth be Gold used psychometric techniques to help us understand consumers implicit and explicit reactions to a range of product concepts. Later in the development process, these products were then optimised using Truth be Gold’s qualitative techniques. Finally, we used the insights to develop our menu offering for the UK market. Oh and they are great to work with too!”

    - Hilary Ansell, Head of Marketing, Marugame Udon Europe


Tap into the mind of your customers

The majority of consumers' decisions occur in the subconscious mind. But unfortunately, we cannot always access this information via traditional research techniques.

We use the latest thinking from cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology to develop ways to access deep insights hidden in our subconscious.

We are experts in Psychometric, Biometric, Neurometric Techniques, and traditional research approaches and have been perfecting our protocols over the past 25 years.

A few of the ways we can help you

A range of implicit techniques that uncover consumers' feelings, associations, and attitudes.
The study of subconscious processes related to attention, cognition, emotion and physiological arousal.
The most hardcore range of research techniques gathers data directly from the brain.
Qualitative and quantitative techniques that have been used for the last 50+ years to gather explicit feedback from consumers.


Empowering you to make informed research-based decisions.

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